April, 2016
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday01 Apr 2016New Academic Session (for classes I-X)
2Wednesday06 Apr 2016Interaction with parents of class I Students
3Friday08 Apr 2016Holy Eucharist-X
4Saturday09 Apr 2016Orientation for Parents of KG children
5Monday11 Apr 2016New Session for KG Class/ Formative Assessment-I Activities for classes IX & X (11th April-11th May)
6Wednesday13 Apr 2016New Session for Class XI/Silent Reading
7Thursday14 Apr 2016Ambedkar Jayanti
8Friday15 Apr 2016Ram Navami
9Saturday16 Apr 2016Anti-Polybag Campaign/Interaction with parents of class VI students
10Monday18 Apr 2016Earth Watch Week (18-22),Humanities- Heritage Day (XI & XII)
11Wednesday20 Apr 2016Mahavir Jayanti
12Saturday23 Apr 2016Investiture Ceremony
13Monday25 Apr 2016Passing the Baton
14Tuesday26 Apr 2016Foundress Day
15Wednesday27 Apr 2016Nano Nagle Inter School Debate
16Thursday28 Apr 2016Social Science-Character Depiction (IX)
17Saturday30 Apr 2016Labour Day Celebration
May, 2016
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Sunday01 May 2016International Labour Day
2Monday02 May 2016FA1 Written Test for (VI-X) Worksheet I for I-V
3Friday06 May 2016Holy Eucharist-IX
4Saturday07 May 2016Inter House Musical Fest (VII-XI)
5Tuesday10 May 2016Visit to Shanti Avedana (XI)
6Tuesday10 May 2016Last Working Day for Students
7Wednesday11 May 2016Silent Reading
8Friday13 May 2016Poetry Recitation in English (VII & VIII)/Formative Assessment-II (13th May-12th August)
9Saturday14 May 2016Visit to Blind School (Class X)
10Saturday21 May 2016PTM for All Classes
11Monday23 May 2016Summer Vacations (23 May-30 June)/Summer Coaching Camp in Sports, Music, Dance, Personality Development, Taekwondo (23.5.16-3.6.16)
12Wednesday25 May 2016Seminar for Teachers
13Friday27 May 2016Last Working Day for Teachers
July, 2016
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday01 Jul 2016School Re-opens
2Tuesday05 Jul 2016English-Words Worth (XII)
3Thursday07 Jul 2016Eid-ul-Fitr
4Friday08 Jul 2016Holy Eucharist (Class XII)
5Saturday09 Jul 2016Interaction with parents of class II students/Visit to Production Unit (XI-A, XI-C, XII-A,XII-C)
6Saturday09 Jul 2016Interaction with Parents of Class XI Students
7Monday11 Jul 2016Health & Cleanliness Week (11-15)
8Wednesday13 Jul 2016Silent Reading
9Thursday14 Jul 2016Award Ceremony (Class I-V)
10Friday15 Jul 2016Award Ceremony (Class VI-IX,XI)
11Friday22 Jul 2016Interaction with Parents of Class VII Students
12Saturday23 Jul 2016Award Ceremony (Class X and XII)
13Monday25 Jul 2016Van Mahotsav Week (25-29)
14Thursday28 Jul 2016EMS-Poster Making by (X) Soc. Sc.- Poster Making by VIII
15Friday29 Jul 2016Computer Quiz for Class VII
16Saturday30 Jul 2016Bailamos Fiesta De Bailar
17Saturday30 Jul 2016Visit to Gandhi Smrithi Class XI, Interation With Parents of Class III Students
August, 2016
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Aug 2016FA 2 Written Test for (VI-XII) from 1-6 August
2Friday05 Aug 2016Holy Eucharist (Class XI)
3Monday08 Aug 2016Sanskrit Week (8-12)
4Tuesday09 Aug 2016Quit India Day
5Wednesday10 Aug 2016Silent Reading
6Friday12 Aug 2016Independence Day Celebration
7Saturday13 Aug 2016Holiday
8Monday15 Aug 2016Independence Day
9Tuesday16 Aug 2016Inter-House Volleyball Matches
10Wednesday17 Aug 2016Humanities Documentary Making (XI-XII), English Skit Competition Class VI
11Thursday18 Aug 2016Raksha Bandhan
12Friday19 Aug 2016Visit to Parliament (XI) , Computer Website Designing (X)
13Saturday20 Aug 2016AD-MAD Competition (XI-A, XI-C, XII-A, XII-C) /Inter House Basketball matches/EMS-Poster Making (X)/Interaction with parents of class IX students
14Monday22 Aug 2016Science Week (22-26), Inter House Badminton Matches
15Tuesday23 Aug 2016Computer Periodical Designing Class IX
16Wednesday24 Aug 2016Inter House Throw ball Matches
17Thursday25 Aug 2016Janmashtami
18Saturday27 Aug 2016PTM for All Classes
19Monday29 Aug 2016Inter House Softball Matches (V-VII)
20Wednesday31 Aug 2016Swarang-Inter School Painting Competition
September, 2016
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday01 Sep 2016Inter House Kho Kho Matches
2Friday02 Sep 2016Holy Eucharist (Class VII)
3Saturday03 Sep 2016Interaction with Parents of Class IV Students
4Monday05 Sep 2016Dr. S. Radhakrishnan's Birthday- Tecahers' Day
5Tuesday06 Sep 2016Hindi Week (6-9)
6Wednesday07 Sep 2016Silent Reading
7Saturday10 Sep 2016Holiday
8Monday12 Sep 2016SA-I
9Tuesday13 Sep 2016Eid-ul-Zuha
10Wednesday14 Sep 2016Study Leave
11Thursday15 Sep 2016SA1
12Friday16 Sep 2016Study Leave
13Saturday17 Sep 2016SA1
14Monday19 Sep 2016SA1
15Tuesday20 Sep 2016Study Leave
16Wednesday21 Sep 2016SA1
17Thursday22 Sep 2016Study Leave
18Friday23 Sep 2016SA1
19Saturday24 Sep 2016Holiday
20Monday26 Sep 2016Seminar of Christian Students
October, 2016
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday01 Oct 2016Sports Day (I-V)
2Saturday01 Oct 2016Sports Day (I-V)
3Saturday01 Oct 2016Sports Day (I-V)
4Monday03 Oct 2016Wild Life Week (3-7)/ FA3 Activities for classes IX & X (3rd October-11th November)
5Tuesday04 Oct 2016Silent Reading
6Wednesday05 Oct 2016Career Guidance for Class XII
7Thursday06 Oct 2016Eco Club Inter School Debate Class VIII
8Friday07 Oct 2016Humanities Talk Show IX , Holy Eucharist (Class VIII)
9Saturday08 Oct 2016PTM/ Eco Trip for Class VIII (8-11)
10Tuesday11 Oct 2016Dussehra
11Wednesday12 Oct 2016Muharram
12Friday14 Oct 2016Showcase Your Model Social Sc. (VI)
13Sunday16 Oct 2016Valmiki's Birthday
14Monday17 Oct 2016Disaster Reduction Awareness Week (17-21)
15Thursday20 Oct 2016Documentary on Social Issues Humanities (XI)
16Saturday22 Oct 2016Sports Day (IX-XII)
17Friday28 Oct 2016Anti Cracker Rally/Package Creation,(XI-A, XI-C, XII-A, XII-C)
18Saturday29 Oct 2016Holiday/(Seminar / Workshop for Staff)
19Monday31 Oct 2016Holiday
November, 2016
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Tuesday01 Nov 2016Holiday
2Friday04 Nov 2016Holy Eucharist (Class V)
3Saturday05 Nov 2016Interaction with Parents of Class V Students
4Thursday10 Nov 2016Silent Reading
5Thursday10 Nov 2016Worksheet-II-(10/11/2016-18/11/2016)
6Friday11 Nov 2016Study Tour (XI & XII)
7Saturday12 Nov 2016Sports Day(VI-VIII)
8Monday14 Nov 2016Guru Nanak's Birthday/Jawahar Lal Nehru's Birthday-National Children's Day
9Tuesday15 Nov 2016Children's Day Celebrations, Nano Nagle Week (15-19)
10Wednesday16 Nov 2016Study Tour (IX & X)
11Thursday17 Nov 2016Study Tour (VIII)
12Friday18 Nov 2016Social Science-Heritage Actvity (VII)/Presentation Day Celebrations
13Saturday19 Nov 2016Interaction with Parents of Class VIII Students
14Monday21 Nov 2016PRESENTATION DAY
15Tuesday22 Nov 2016Formative Assessment-IV for classes VI-XI (22nd Nov-21st Dec)/Mock Practicals begin for class XII
16Wednesday23 Nov 2016Study Tour (IV & V)
17Friday25 Nov 2016Study Tour (I-III)
18Saturday26 Nov 2016Constitution Day Literary Quiz - English (IX,X,XI) Career Guidance (Class X)
December, 2016
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday01 Dec 2016FA 4 Written Test (VI-XI) (1-7) Mock Exam Class XII (1-15)
2Friday02 Dec 2016Holy Eucharist (Class VI)
3Saturday03 Dec 2016Orientation for Christian Parents
4Monday05 Dec 2016Quality in Life Week (5-9)
5Tuesday06 Dec 2016Carol Singing Competition (I-V) Be a Politician-Social Science (X)
6Wednesday07 Dec 2016Silent Reading
7Wednesday07 Dec 2016Community Service for classes III-XI (from 14 - 21)
8Friday09 Dec 2016Carol Singing Competition (VI-XI)
9Saturday10 Dec 2016Human Rights Day/ PTM for classes (I-XI) /Interaction with Parents of Class X
10Tuesday13 Dec 2016MILAD-UL-NABI
11Thursday15 Dec 2016Be a Politician - Social Science (XI)
12Saturday24 Dec 2016Holiday
13Monday26 Dec 2016Holiday
14Saturday31 Dec 2016Farewell to Class XII
January, 2017
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday02 Jan 2017Pre-Board exams begin for class XII
2Wednesday04 Jan 2017Silent Reading
3Friday06 Jan 2017Holy Eucharist (Class XI)
4Saturday07 Jan 2017Workshop for Teachers
5Monday09 Jan 2017Practicals for class XI (from 9-13)
6Saturday14 Jan 2017P.T.M.
7Monday16 Jan 2017Presentation on Computer Week (VI-XI) (16-20)
8Tuesday17 Jan 2017Computer Power Point Presentation (VI)
9Thursday19 Jan 2017Web Page Designing (VIII)
10Saturday21 Jan 2017Computer Software Display (XI)
11Monday23 Jan 2017English Literary Week (23-27)
12Wednesday25 Jan 2017Republic Day Celebration
13Thursday26 Jan 2017Republic Day
14Saturday28 Jan 2017Graduation Day for Class XII
15Monday30 Jan 2017Social Science Week (30-01-17 - 3-02-17)
February, 2017
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday03 Feb 2017Holy Eucharist-IX
2Monday06 Feb 2017Class XI Evaluation Begins (6-17)
3Wednesday08 Feb 2017Silent Reading
4Saturday11 Feb 2017Staff Picnic
5Monday20 Feb 2017Thanksgiving by VIII (from 20-24)
March, 2017
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday04 Mar 2017PTM for Class XI
2Wednesday08 Mar 2017International Women's Day
3Monday13 Mar 2017Class XII begins

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