Rules AND Regulations

The student shall...

  • speak in English at all times as it is the medium of instruction.
  • procure prescribed books for the new session within a week of declaration of results.
  • read the school diary regularly to be well-informed about rules, discipline code, QMS, EMS etc.
  • bring the school diary regularly and make appropriate entries.
  • not carry books, periodicals or any other material disapproved by the Principal.
  • compensate damage to school property.
  • not scribble on walls and furniture.
  • switch off lights and fans before leaving the classroom for assembly, P.T., computer class, library etc.
  • assemble on the upper – field immediately after keeping the school bag in the classroom. (before the morning assembly bell)
  • not leave the classroom in the absence of any teacher.
  • carry the class pass / medical pass or a written permission in the school diary when out of the class for some reason.
  • keep the classroom and school premises clean, neat and tidy at all times.
  • greet the Principal, teachers and people around.
  • bring a leave note in the diary (leave record page) duly signed by parents in case of one/two days leave. For a long leave permission to be granted by the Principal. If not well for a long time, medical certificate to be submitted.
  • get the diary signed by parents in case of a remark by Principal/Vice Principal/Headmistress or teacher.
  • not leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal.
  • make calls from the school reception with permission in case of illness or any emergency.
  • not celebrate or hold any birthday party. (strictly prohibited)
  • not collect any money or present any gift to any staff member/friend.
  • be in the classroom before meditation begins, after the break.
  • co-operate with the class captain/student council members to ensure discipline in the school.
  • be on time to school or else bear the consequences.
  • do the given home work regularly, keep the note books/ text books covered, neat and tidy. • address all correspondence to the Principal with full name, class and section.
  • 48 hour prior notice needed to apply for certificates.
  • bring written permission from parents (to go back home on her own) in case of a stay back/ picnic and duly endorsed by the teacher.
  • carry the bus pass if using the school bus, maintain discipline while travelling and not put her hand/head outside the window or stand on the footboard.
  • inform the bus captain, the day there is any change in the schedule. (for going home)
  • inform lost or found property at the school reception.

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