The student shall...

  • come dressed in neat and crisp uniform as instructed.
  • wear the school socks and polish her shoes every day.
  • not apply henna on hair or hands, (strictly prohibited - Fine up to 200)
  • not pluck her eyebrows.
  • maintain personal hygiene, clip nails regularly (not apply nail-paint) and plait her hair neatly. (flicks not allowed)
  • not wear gold chains, finger rings and colourful bands or wrist watches and bangles.
  • avoid multiple ear piercings.
  • always be in school uniform on P.T.M. or any other visit to school. Casuals not allowed.
  • carry homemade food for tiffin (Junk food is discouraged). Parents/relatives will not be allowed to bring the tiffin in case the student has forgotten.
  • not carry cell phones/camera/iPod or any other expensive gadget/ showy belongings.
  • conform to the above rules and regulations. Non-compliance to the same is a punishable offence.

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